Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport – $2,431,501

An example of a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport (not the actual car for sale)


Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport in Black/Black, with Motor of 16 Cylinders, ABS Anti-Blocking System, Airbags, Alarm System and 100 Km.  


Singen, Germany  


Category Coupe
Make Bugatti
Model VEYRON Grand Sport
Engine power 736 kW / 1001 PS
Transmission Manual
Kilometres 100 km
Exterior color /  Interior color  Black / Black
Net / export  €1.508.403,00  
19% Sales tax  €286.597,00   
Total price  €1.795.000,00  (approx. $2,431,501.86)
Technical data
Motor: 16 Cylinders
Displacement: 7993 cm³
Performance: 736 kW / 1001 HP
Top speed: 360 km/h
Consumption in built-up areas: 40,4 l/100km
Consumption outside built-up areas: 14,7 l/100km
Combined consumption: 24,1 l/100km
Combined CO2 emission: 574 g/km
Standard equipment: ABS anti-blocking system, airbag, front-seat passenger airbag, side-impact airbags, ESP, alarm system, Euro 4 catalyic converter, head airbags

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