2008 Koenigsegg CCXR Special Edition – $2,328,988

2008 Koenigsegg CCXR Special Edition

2008 Koenigsegg CCXR Special Edition in Carbon/Leather Red/Black, with ABS anti-blocking system, airbags, hardtop, lifting system, 2.500 km

Seller: AutoSalon-Singen.de

Singen, Germany


The Koenigsegg Edition has been created to break records in the traditional Koenigsegg way. The aim with the Edition is to deliver superior performance – on the track, in a straight line and

on country roads – and to do so in style and comfort.

According to their comparative studies, no other supercar can match the Edition in terms of power-to-weight ratio, aerodynamic balance, downforce and chassis stiffness. At the same time, the Edition maintains the CCX’s fantastic drivability and its ability to absorb uneven road surfaces like no other supercar.

Both models are fitted with a remapped, 4.8 litre twin-supercharged Koenigsegg engine, and have been track-tuned by the inclusion of modified shock absorbers, stiffer springs and anti-roll bars, reset dampers and a lowered chassis.
Downforce has been enhanced by the addition of an optimised rear wing, front winglets, a larger front splitter and nolder, all of which have been designed to create as much downforce as possible. In total the Edition produces over 350 kg of downforce at 250 km/h. The aerodynamics have been verified and optimized, both in CFD and during live testing on the Koenigsegg test track in Sweden and on various proving grounds in Europe.
The clean, Scandinavian design is accentuated by the clear lacquered finish, which reveals the bold, linear beauty of the carbon fibre construction. Each individual section of carbon fibre bodywork has been painstakingly matched and then joined together inside out like a tailored suit, to create a stunning pinstripe effect. The process is so time-consuming that it takes almost twice as much time to create the clear-coated visible carbon body compared to the normal painted carbon CCX body.
The exquisite leather interior, specially anodised aluminium trim and redesigned Koenigsegg Chronocluster and centre console combine with our unique forged aluminium wheel design to confirm the Edition’s exclusive status. Standing beside the car, you would be forgiven for thinking it is already in motion – such is the dynamic presence of this breathtakingly stunning vehicle.
The Edition comes with the free option of Michelin Cup Tyres, and a unique set of wheels designed to optimise their size and characteristics. These state-of-the-art tyres reduce braking distance, deliver faster acceleration from standstill and higher cornering G-force in dry conditions.
The CCX Edition runs on regular petrol and produces 888 Bhp, whilst the CCXR Edition has been modified as a bioflexfuel car, and can run E85, E100, regular 98 octane petrol (Europe) or a mixture of the three. When run solely on petrol, the engine produces 888 Bhp, but the higher octane E85 fuel makes higher compression, boost pressure and increased spark advance possible, enabling the engine to deliver a staggering 1018 Bhp.
Both cars come with a five-year factory warranty.
Production of the Koenigsegg Edition will be strictly limited. Only six cars will ever be made.

Vehicle Overview

Category Coupe
Make Koenigsegg
Model CCXR Special Edition
Engine power 749 kW / 1018 PS
Transmission Manual
Kilometres 2.500 km
Date of first registration 01.04.2008
Net / export 1.336.134,00
19% Sales tax 253.866,00
Total price 1.590.000,00 €  (approx. $2,328,988)
Technical data
Motor: V8 twin-compressor
Displacement: 4800 cm³
Performance: 749 kW / 1018 HP
Torque: 1080 Nm
Top speed: 415 km/h
Consumption in built-up areas: 26,0 l/100km
Consumption outside built-up areas: 18,0 l/100km
Combined consumption: 22,0 l/100km
Combined CO2 emission: 500 g/km

Standard equipment: ABS anti-blocking system, airbag, front-seat passenger airbag, Euro 4 catalyic converter, hardtop, lifting system

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