Latest News: Ferrari 458 Italia – "2011 World Performance Car of the Year"

        Ferrari official website:

Maranello, 26 April – A jury consisting of 66 international journalists from 24 different countries awarded the 458 Italia with the title “World Performance Car of the Year”, choosing it from an initial list of 14 sports cars, competing for the title. The prize has been announced at the New York International Auto Show and confirms the overall appreciation of the V8 Berlinetta from Maranello by the specialised press all over the world, just like the numerous recognitions did so far. With the “World Performance Car of the Year” the jury’s specialists wanted to underline the 458 Italia’s extraordinary performance capacity on the track and on the road, defining the car as “already a classic in every sense, but its sophisticated handling abilities at the limit take the V8 middle-rear engine Ferrari concept to a whole new level”. In the statement an acclaim regarding the car’s “meraviglioso sound” wasn’t missing.

About the Car

The Ferrari 458 Italia, launched at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2009, is an 8-cylinder two-seater berlinetta with a mid-rear mounted engine, and represents a genuine break with the past in terms of Maranello’s previous high-performance sports cars.

Designed to fulfil the expectations and ambitions of their most passionate clients, the 458 Italia continues the Ferrari tradition of putting the thrill into driving as a result of track-derived technological innovations.
Maranello’s racing experience can be felt not only in terms of pure technological transfer but also on a more emotional level, because of the strong emphasis on creating an almost symbiotic relationship between driver and car.

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