1934 BMW 315/1 Sport – $386,217.00

An example of a BMW 315/1 (not the actual car for sale)

1934 BMW 315/1 Sport in White/Black – Grand Prix Car “BMW 315 Sport” with racing history

Seller: autosalon-singen.de

Singen, Germany


Early as 1930, BMW began production of in-line six cylinders. The little engine that by temperament and permitted in connection with lightweight bodies sporty performance. The body of the 315 was very suitable for two-seater sports car, 240cm wheelbase, however, were for four-seat sedans too short.

The style has changed, not the content: “Among our German drivers are a large group, which is the driving force not only a convenient and rapid movement, but a sport. These are people in whose hearts the sight of a streamlined body with a long hood and a speedometer that goes to 150, the desire awakened by wide streets, hurried through in flight, according to Alpine passes that will be defeated and to competitors who surpassed easily. “In 1934 BMW announced with these words, the first self-designed roadster. The concept of six-cylinder engine should be influential for the future of the brand and reaches up to today’s BMW Z4.

The launch of this development was at the Berlin Motor Show in May 1934. Together with the BMW 315 sedan showed a prototype of a BMW sport roadster with strikingly beautiful lines. Behind a long bonnet came two custom-made seats for driver and front passenger, where a flat, angled windshield and a Notverdeck offered protection. The tail was in elegant pointed toward the back of – an aerodynamically effective element. The radiator grille of the two-seater was clearly tilted in the wind than the sedan, powerful, sweeping front fenders are covered under the doors and went through into the rear wheel arches. In order to offer as little air resistance, the rear wheels were covered in full. The body rested on an electrically welded steel tube frame with three double deep box-makers.

Vehicle Overview

Category Cabrio/Roadster
Make BMW
Model BMW 315 /1 Sport
Engine power 29 kW / 39 PS
Transmission Manual
Exterior/Interior Color  White/Black
Date of first registration 01.01.1934
Net / export 226.050,00
19% Sales tax 42.950,00
Total price 269.000,00 €  (approx. $386,217.00)

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