Pagani Zonda R – $2,737,986

An example of a Pagani Zonda R (not the actual car for sale)

Pagani Zonda R in Black/Black, offered with 16 cylinder motor, ABS anti-blocking system, F1 gearshift, 90 Km


Singen, Germany







Vehicle Overview

Category Coupe
Make Pagani
Engine power 551 kW / 749 PS
Transmission Manual
Kilometres 90 km
Exterior/Interior Color  Black/Black
Net / export 1.599.075,00
19% Sales tax 303.825,00
Total price 1.902.900,00 €  (approx. $2,737,986)


Technical data
Motor: 12 Cylinders
Displacement: 5987 cm³
Performance: 551 kW / 749 HP
Torque: 710 Nm
Top speed: 350 km/h
Consumption in built-up areas: 25 l/100km
Consumption outside built-up areas: 25 l/100km
Combined consumption: 25 l/100km
Combined CO2 emission: 500 g/km

Standard equipment: ABS anti-blocking system, F1 gearshift


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